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Montara, CA 94037-1285


Scattered Shards:
Sculpture and maquettes which are my reaction to life's interactions.


After The Fire

After the Fire sludge and the tangled mass of past work remained on the floor which had puddles of rank smelling debris.
Remnant nothing left but the will to work.

The Unseen Men:
A show of paintings about the homeless of our area. Those pictured are not hungry or physically ill, but are unable to exist without having life intrude into their physic skin.

Rememberec Landscapes:
Assorted Collections

Six Jesuit priests are now proposing that Judas be made a saint.  They believe that Christ’s mission could not have come to fruition without Judas’ act of betrayal.

Through The Pane:
Views of my life through glass, often the only contact with the world
( Gallery Under Construction)

Seeing Only Black And White Makes Blue:
Prints, paintings, and drawings, passive or proactive.


Assorted Collections :


Under Construction. Please check back soon for updates,
Thank You,
Arabella Decker


"In my artwork content and context are of equal importance. The medium is just the abstract matrix which is used to express a state of being by making a new reality that explores a visual, emotional, and intellectual possibility where nothing is sacred but all is honestly observed. The need to communicate with a viewer beyond this immediate present makes such an act of creation a leap of faith where I gamble that future viewers will experience from their own context some of that which I was attempting to distill.”

Arabella Decker